Do you feel something is missing in your life? Maybe you struggle to find meaning or things might be so difficult that you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, depressed or even at crisis point ?

I am at your service; I believe every individual has their own innate gifts and purpose waiting to be realised, your spirit, or 'unique-Self'.

Too often this spirit is dampened or hidden under layers created in the struggle to be accepted and survive in this world,  this world where there is confusion, division, conflict, grief and trauma.

When an individual is unable to realise their uniqueness and full potential, this can then result in inner conflict, relational problems, stress, suffering and depression. I will use my counselling, coaching and psychotherapy skills to create a non-judgmental space for you to explore and get to know who you really are, to help you to realise what may be emerging through your struggle.

My therapy space is comfortable and welcoming, it is on the ground floor with off-street parking available for my clients.


My name is Karen Plummer. I am a naturally compassionate and empathetic person.  I worked as a Registered Nurse for 28 years in Intensive Care, hospice and community settings, during this time I completed counselling, coaching and leadership qualifications and led a diverse range of services for adults and children who had complex physical and mental health problems. Although my nursing career was rewarding, I always felt there was something 'missing' and so I left the NHS in 2017 to pursue my own journey of self discovery and began further training by means of an MA in psychosynthesis psychology; this has helped me to develop and realise my own innate, intuitive, creative abilities and skills which I am now able to apply in the service to others. 
I am a qualified psychosynthesis counsellor and a Registered Member of the BACP, I am also a trainee member of the UKCP and am continuing my training to become a psychotherapist.
I charge between £45-£55 per hour, concessions may be available for those with low income. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Karen Plummer Tel: 07966 576806


Unique Self Health and Well-Being Services

Image by Annie Spratt

Flower Meditation

From the dank darkness a seed of the earth

Has slowly given birth

Here she is in all her splendour

Head turned to the sun

In bewildered surrender

Aware of the majesty she has become

She understands the loving benevolence of creation

She is what she is, without hesitation

Part of the wonder of the eco-system

Harmonious with the universal wisdom

She is glorious, absolutely sublime

She innately knows, she is a piece of the divine

She allowed the magic to unfold

She knew she would grow

To be something wondrous to behold

She did this without question or doubt

She had faith, a knowing what she is about

At one with the universal power

Perfectly co-creating

A delicate flower

The flower just is

manifesting abundance, Providing pollen and nectar

standing firm in her bliss

she knows her calling, her duty: -

To be herself and emanate beauty

To blossom in all her natural glory

Until to the earth she does return.

So, from the flowers’ story

What can I learn?

Can I begin to search the deep darkness within

for seeds of magic and then let the light in

to care, to nurture and to nourish

to allow myself to really flourish

Can I too become aware

of the wonder and abundance always there?

Can I respect the universal laws

And make space to ‘just pause’

Just to be, the creation that is me

To turn my face to the sun

And Wonder what I may become

To acknowledge my gifts and my own innate wisdom

and trust in the love of the universal system

To realise I and thou as sacred and divine

To know this place where we can co-create and shine

When I search within myself to find this place

I see a truly magnificent human race

Operating from a place of LOVE

Embracing darkness and fear

Showing gratitude for the benevolent magic which truly IS here

Realising we are at one with it

And creating for all to benefit

It is perfect just as it is

Heaven on earth

Let us stand in our bliss

Knowing that in the universe we can trust

Until we ultimately return to dust

 Karen Plummer - 2018


Rolleston Road, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 0LE


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